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It was Christmas, and I was stuck in California. I had spent too much money on sending my family's presents home, being I thought I might not have been able to get leave. Well, obviously I got it, but now I was stuck in the dorms for Christmas. Yes, I was in the military, Air Force to be exact. I was on Facebook, having a good chat with a friend; Steve. He was also my brother's friend, but we were close too.
Me: OMG I am so sad!
Steve: Why?
Me: I can't go home for Christmas, not enough money D':
Steve: Oh...
Hey! I live in Cali, you could be with me and my fam!
Me: Really? I don't want to impose...
Steve: They said it's fine! I'll pick you up in an hour?
Me: Okay, thank you so much!

He logged off, and I shut my computer. I changed into civilian clothing, and packed my bag, with my computer. I couldn't live without my computer, so I guess I almost died in BMT. I sighed, and grabbed my phone. I called my mom, she didn't answer. "Hey I can't reach the phone right now, leave me a message, and I'll try to get back to you!" I smiled, Her familiar voice.
"Hey mom, just letting you know I'm staying with a friend's family in Cali. Don't worry about me, I know you and Dad want me to come home, but I don't have the money. I sent your presents. Love you!" I ended the call, and walked down the stairs, exiting the building. My phone vibrated, a text from my ex boyfriend.
Hey bby, I wnt u bck. I luv u!
I rolled my eyes, and deleted the text. I broke up with him because I knew he couldn't stand to be away from me for five minutes. He was such a cling on, so I dumped him the night before I was shipping off, he look it really hard, but apparently he doesn't 1) remember how much of an English class nerd I was, and 2) I am NEVER coming back. I sat on the side walk, humming to myself. A car pulled up, Steve got out. "Hey!" He waved at me, I looked up at him.
"Hey Steve!" I said, getting up, slinging my bag over my shoulder. He walked over to me, he had grown.
"You need help with that?" He asked.
"Heavens no!" I laughed, my bag was so light. "Oh, and thank you, so much for this." I hugged him, he smelled the same; like trees, fresh air. He let go, and got the car door for me. I got in, and he closed the door. He got in and started the car.
"No, coat? Just a jacket?" He asked.
"Haha, you forget Northern Idaho can freeze your balls off!" I said, he looked at me like he couldn't believe I said that. We looked at each other,and both started laughing.
"I can't believe you said that!" He looked forward, still chuckling. We pulled up to the apartment complex. I opened the door, the cool air rushing to my face. Steve walked around the car, as I was closing the door.
"Lead the way!" I said, gesturing forward. He took my arm and pulled me up to the apartment. He unlocked the door, and pushed it open. His sister had not changed a bit, but his parents looked grayer. "Hey!" I said, and his sister came up, giving me a hug. "How are you, squirt?" I laughed, ruffling her hair.
"Uhh!" She shouted, trying to un-ruffle her hair. She dragged me to the couch, "O M G! Guess what??" She asked.
I act like I am way interested. "What?!"
"I have a boyfriend!" She squealed. I laughed, and Steve came and sat by me.
"Nu-uh?" I said, "Who?"
"This guy..." She looked up at me. "From my P.E. class." She paused a moment, and then a smile slipped on her face, her eyes lit up. "He has a great body! You should see him shirtless!" She giggled.
"Lucy! I don't want to hear that!" Steve shouted, covering his ears.
Mrs. Burmba turned to her daughter. "Don't you have school in the morning?" She nodded slowly. "Off to bed!" She groaned, and went to her room. "Well, we better be getting to bed, Dannie and Steve." His dad and mom gave us hugs, and went up stairs.
"Well, you get the couch I get the floor?" He said.
"Okay, I'll change in the bathroom..." I grabbed my bag, and went to the restroom. I changed into my shorts, and tank top. I ran and flopped on the couch, not realizing that Steve was laying there, in his Pajama bottoms, shirtless. I landed right on top of him.
"Ooof!" He said, looking at me. "Why hello there..." He said, with a smile. "You could have told me that you wanted me."
My cheeks flushed. "I-i'm Sorry, I thought you were on the floor already..." I said.
"Obviously not." He chuckled, "But I could sleep like this..." He smiled, and I rolled my eyes. I lifted one leg, and put it to the floor. I started to get off, and he grabbed my waist, pulling me back to him.
"Where so you think you're going?" He whispered.
"well, I was planning to get off of you, so you could go to sleep, and I could try." I replied looking at him seriously.
"Okay, but you have to pay a toll for me to let go." He smirked.
"Excuse me?" I said. "I believe I could get off if I wanted to." He looked at me. "Oh! I didn't mean it like that!" I moved, putting my weight into it. He didn't let go, but we both ended up on the floor, but he was on top now. "Ooooh..."
"Who has the power now?" He raised his eye brow.
"You are such a push over." I replied.
"The toll still stands, but I'll get off." He murmured.
"When did you get a crush on me?" I asked.
"Mmm... Well, honestly. Ever since I started talking to you." He replied. "You're so different than the girls here..."
"I was raised on a farm..."
"Yea, do I get a kiss now?" He asked. I looked at him.
"You're serious?" I asked. He nodded, and leaned forward, pressing his lips to mine. The sparks flew, and I wrapped my arms around his neck.
He chuckled. "I knew that'd happen..." He said, rolling over. "So, I take it you like me too?" I nodded, He smirked. He got up, and picked me up, setting me on the couch. He got a blanket, and threw it to me. I caught it, he grabbed a pillow, and threw it on the ground. "Night, I'll see you in the morning."
"You, too." I unfolded the blanket, and closed my eyes, drifting away.

Forbidden Love Outline by MissyTimberWolf

/ / / ©2013-2015 MissyTimberWolf
This was inspired by nothing! :dummy: This is an original by me!!! Yea, has a bit of hidden meaning behind, but good luck finding out what it is!
(BTW yes, I do plan on going into the military. as of now...)
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