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Of course... I wondered what Wiglypuff meant, but being I had already had so many strange things happen in one day, I was not shocked.
Gregory looked at me suspiciously, almost with anger. Kristoff was looking at my tail, had I been a human, I would have assumed that he was checking me out, but that was not the instance. Wiglypuff turned around, he looked like he was stoned or something, but there were no drugs in the pokemon world... were there?
"I am the Guild master." He said cheerfully. "I assume that you need a place to stay?"
I nodded. "Y-yes." My voice wasn't different at all.
"You may stay here. As long as you start as a Exploration Team." He said, almost singing. "Now, off of speculation, you know no one here, so I will pair you up with Kristoff."
"WHAT?" Kristoff spat out. "I work alone. Not with anyone! Not since..."
"Shush!" Greg stated. "The Guild master has spoken, it is the way it is."
"Now, choose a name for your te-he-am." He said, doing a little jig.
"Plasma." Stated Kristoff. I nodded, not wanting to make him anymore upset.
"Okay!!" He said sliding a box in front of us. He then stopped, and looked rather constipated. "YOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM-TAAAAAAAAAAH!" I jumped, and so did Kristoff. "You are now an official Exploration Team! Congratulations!" He shook both our hands vigorously.
"I will show you two, to your new roo-hoo-ms~!" Greg sang. He lead us down a hall and showed us a room. It had two bunk-beds and a dresser for our personal things. "Good night!! We'll start you off tomorrow~!" He always seemed to be singing. He left.
A few months later.
I got the hang of things we were really good! Together, I swear, it was like (I hate this, but...)Fire, we were Plasma. We came up from the dorms, when Greg waved us over. We walked over. "Today, you two are going to pick an outlaw-ha~!" He sang. "But, you must go get a tour of the village first~!"
Bidoof showed us around. I dropped off money at Duskull's bank, and we came up to the Kecleon to do some shopping.
"Mr. and Mr. Kecleons!" A little voice came. It was an Azurill, followed by a Marill.
"Oh, Fred and George!!" They cooed. "Now, how is your ma?" They asked. "Have you come to get some apples?"
"She's good." The Azurill (Fred), Said.
"Yes, mama wants to make some apple pie!!" George said cheerfully, but some how cautiously.  Fred laid some Poke on the table, and they handed them a bag. Marill left, and Azurill followed, but tripped.
"Oof." The apple came rolling at me. I picked it up, "I'm okay!" He said getting up. "Oh thank you!!" My hand brushed his. I get dizzy, and he left, then...
I gasped, falling to my knees. "Are you alright?" Kristoff asked.
"D-didn't you just hear that? That scream?" I say, panting.
"No..." He looked at me oddly. "No one screamed.
"It was Fred... Screaming for help..." I said getting up.
"We better check on them then." He said rushing to the other side of the village. I had to sprint to keep up with him. "Fred! George." They were standing with an odd looking fellow, a drowzee I believe. "Did either of you scream?"
"No." They said in unison. Kristoff gave me the look, and I shrugged. "Guess what?" George said.
"What?" I said.
"Mr. Drowzee is gonna help us find my lost thingy what is it called again... a rock fragment." Fred said bouncing.
"Oh, that's good." I said.
"What can I say! I love helping kids." He said. "Just follow me, I know where it is." He said. The boys skipped away, and Drowzee accidentally pumped into me. "Oh. Excuse me, ma'am." And there it was again, the dizziness.
I saw Fred, and Drowzee, on a mountain top, near a small hole. "Now just slip on through the hole, get the treasure, and no harm will come your way." He said.
"H-help!!" Fred screamed.

I burst back into reality. Kristoff was looking at me strangely. Drowzee and the boys were gone. "What?" I asked.
"What what?" He asked. " I talked to you and you were totally zoned out." I explained what I had seen. He shrugged it off. "You must be tired or something."
We walked back to the guild, and Greg explain the Out law board, then left. "Board Update! Stand back." Kristoff pulled me back with him, then the board flipped. I jumped of course, not expecting it. It flipped back, and I saw a familiar face. Drowzee.

PMD: Mr. Drowzee by MissyTimberWolf

/ / ©2012-2015 MissyTimberWolf
I was kind of thinking about make Drowzee a pedo bear...
But I decided against it!!!
I do not own Pokemon, or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!
Ranger-wana-be Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Student Artist
Nice xD
MissyTimberWolf Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Student Artist
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